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Wow, just when you think the little shit couldn’t do any worse, yet ANOTHER scandal for the maple-messiah (I stole that one, props to the inventor!) hits the fan.

I give you article A, aforementioned stripper with big ol titties and a case of Bieber/bud gnats hanging on each nipple…


Well, Be-liebers there’s only one more stop on his joyride to self-destruction and you all know what that is…anyone want to take bets when the gay photos start rearing (hah!) their ugly head?

Has anyone started a Bieber Doomsday clock?

…<runs off to slap a patent down>




I’m sure as you’ve ALL heard by now, the uber-douche wunderkind from Canada, Justin Bieber, was arrested for DUI in Miami this morning.

This really should surprise no one by now, right? Even the die-hard fans gotta realize this idiot has not a brain cell in that dome of his.

I’m sure the police officers were shaking in their boots when JB became belligerent at the time of arrest. The 90 pound-wet performer woulda put down an ass-whippin, I’m sure.

“Break out the sizzurp boys, we got fresh meat coming in” <– jail chatter heard as the van pulled in to drop off JB  🙂



YAY!! If it’s not hot asses pulling me out of hibernation, it’s more shit throwing at Justin Bieber that takes a close second place =)

So here we have video footage of a hot mami filming what looks like a morning exit from the Beeb’s bedroom while he snores away. Stories have been surfacing that she is a Brazilian hooker, others have reported she is this HOT model from Brazil named Tati Nevez. For your viewing pleasure, here are a few shots of miss Nevez…


Her camp has denied it is her, but damn, I just had to post those pics =)

When I heard there was a video, I woulda bet my balls that it was Chris Brown filming…guess I would have lost that one =)

Anyways, here is the video, enjoy!

Hey kiddoes! Once again, I have come back from the dark abyss to treat you to something we all really enjoy…ass. Say it with me boys and girls…


Now, for today’s presentation I give you Anais Zanotti. Don’t know who she is…don’t really care. Alls I know is if I was in Miami and I saw this, I would either get in a horrific car accident or be arrested. I guess this happens a lot in Miami so maybe you become desensitized to it?

…meh, anyways enjoy!


anais5 anais4 anais3 anais2 anais1

She will be forever engraved in my laminated list…don’t care what the wife says =)

Sofia Vergara just made every male around the world crotch region tingle with giddiness by tweeting herself laying out in a thong bikini.

I don’t know about you, but I DREAM of using her backside as a pillow from which I never wish to take my head off.

Enjoy the goddess we know as Sofia:


Once again, it’s Rihanna that brings me out of my deep slumber to post.

So it appears that JB has been racing around his neighborhood pissing off his neighbors, including NFL alumnis Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson (but that’s another story)

I just felt the need to point out just how fucking DUMB some of today’s “talent” is. Case in point…JB loses Selena Gomez because he would rather hang with his freeloading friends smoking pot and drinking under age, while his uber piece of shit counterpart Chris Brown TAGS the outside of his house making it look like a little slice of Compton out in Calabasas.

These two pics should sum it all up pretty much…

Chris Brown gave up this (yes, boys and girls, that is Rihanna’s backside):


To be with THIS:


…and yet, they still keep getting off scott-free and “winning” awards. How the hell does THAT happen?!

Ugh, I need a drink…until next time kiddies, PEACE!

Hey kiddies! Well 2012 decided to kick me off the face of the planet, but I managed to claw my way back to the mainstream (for the moment anyway).  Never missing a beat, I’ll pick up where we left off…

The highlight of the 2013 Grammys was definitely THIS:

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals 1360547425-240

To hell with the ban CBS put on female performers clothing this year, I’m showing my goods! =)

…and to that, miss Perry, I join Ellen DeGeneres’ reaction to your wonderful globes of glory:



I’m keeping my mouth shut and let you guys kibitz among yourselves on this one….


I’m back kiddies! Sorry for the long hiatus…that real world thing can be a bitch sometimes, eh? =P

Well just in time for Christmas, here is my gift to all of you…Sofia Vergara strutting her goddess-like self in LA wearing a HOT stretch pants ensemble that, I swear made me go cardiac when I first saw it. Enjoy and be safe out there! =)


As far as older women go, I’ve always had a boner for Heidi so when I heard she was papped topless I just HAD to see it.

Quicker than you can say North to South (yes that was a penis joke) I was unfortunately let down =(

Check it out for yourself….