Once again, it’s Rihanna that brings me out of my deep slumber to post.

So it appears that JB has been racing around his neighborhood pissing off his neighbors, including NFL alumnis Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson (but that’s another story)

I just felt the need to point out just how fucking DUMB some of today’s “talent” is. Case in point…JB loses Selena Gomez because he would rather hang with his freeloading friends smoking pot and drinking under age, while his uber piece of shit counterpart Chris Brown TAGS the outside of his house making it look like a little slice of Compton out in Calabasas.

These two pics should sum it all up pretty much…

Chris Brown gave up this (yes, boys and girls, that is Rihanna’s backside):


To be with THIS:


…and yet, they still keep getting off scott-free and “winning” awards. How the hell does THAT happen?!

Ugh, I need a drink…until next time kiddies, PEACE!