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The Ri-Ri debauchery vacation continues as she keeps showing off her goods at every corner while partying it up in Barbados.

I wonder how long before she just does away with clothing all together…


Never liked the beeyotch, never will…but I WILL say she has some nice boobage.

She is just the epitome of sleeze, yet here we are lauding and  praising her like she’s the black Madonna (or at least cappuccino Madonna).

I seriously feel dirty (and not in a good way) every time I hear and/or see her.

Meh…I’ll push through it this one time just to stare at that nice big pillow poppin’ out =)

My Ri-Ri is slowly starting to move down the laminated list with her recent laundry list of media appearances, but hey who am I to judge =)

Here we have some pics of her sporting a tooth floss-esqe bikini, as well as a couple of her in some Carnival-like attire getting her drank on…enjoy!

Donning a blonde ‘do (which I think actually looks WAY hot) to match her alter ego Smurfette, Katy Perry was at the Smurfs movie premier in a teeny tiny mini that stood nary a chance of staying down if someone so much as sneezed in her direction.

Well…looks like we need a gesundheit because that mini came up, and wa-la…Katy’s rump was on display.

Watch out, her boobs may be getting jealous of all the face time Katy’s ass has been getting lately =)


Just thought I would come back with a bang after taking a short leave of absense…and I’ve been hitting the juice tonight (I LOVE my Newcastle Brown Ale) so I’m horny as hell right now.

Yes, I am an ass-man so what better way to celebrate the weekend and Father’s Day than with a little celebrity tush…enjoy =)

Now pardon me kiddies whilst I go mount my wife…CHEERS! =)

The Jersey shore has poisoned my precious motherland (and yes, I am HIGHLY offended by these douchebags) and it took them all of just a few days to get into trouble with the local authorities. Looks like the foul mouthed little ewok went and hit, of all things, a police car while in Florence.

C’mon, how DUMB do you have to be to hit a damn police car. There is absolutely no excuse except the obvious…you gotta be bottom of the barrel, grade A fucking stupid to do that.

…and then I remember who we are talking about =)

Just because I can’t get enough of my Ri-Ri, here are some photos from her performance on The Today Show.

I still like the see-through lace gown number she wore better (scroll down and find ’em), but hey any photo of Rihanna is a good one as far as I’m concerned (unless it has that douchebag Chris Brown in it)

Yes, I know it has been shelved (for the better probably) but I thought I would share a photo I came across of Adrianne Palicki in the HOT PANTS version of the Wonder Woman costume (ala Linda Carter). This is how I remember her…not that covered up version they were going to go with.

Maybe someone will pick up the series, but I wouldn’t hold your breath at this point. Enjoy the photo…and try to just mentally block out the troll standing next to her =P

Just because you can get it at every other damn web page, I’m passing on any Ah’nold news because chances are you’ve heard all of it already….and frankly I can’t stand to look at that leathery saggy napsack of a woman when I can look at how Demi Lovato has whipped herself back into shape. Amazing what a little cut self-therapy can do to a girl eh?

Too far?… yah I agree…sorry Demi ya look great =)

First off I will tempt you with a couple of pics from last week of the most delicious one, Ri-Ri, showing off some cleavage…just to whet your appetite for what’s to come later in the post…

Yummy, no? Well that ain’t nothing compared to the outfit she wore to the Alexander McQueen Gala last night.

Can you say ‘going commando in a see-thru dress’? I knew ya could…

…and MY personal favorite (I swear I gasped out loud when I saw this one…glad no one was home at the time =P  )